About OnTECH Charter High School

We are starting an exciting new charter high school that will be located in Syracuse, New York.

OnTECH Charter High School is being designed to serve new American immigrants and refugees, as well as students looking for a non-traditional learning environment.

  • OnTECH will teach skills to students to get jobs upon graduation or to continue with their education.
  • OnTECH will focus on sustainable sciences and technology.
  • OnTECH will partner with local business.


We have created a petition to show support for the OnTECH Charter High School. We ask that you participate by clicking on the link below and signing the petition.


The biggest industry in our region is agriculture and that will be a central part of the curriculum for the school.

OnTECH is a 21st century learning environment that will set up individuals to become productive and engaged citizens in our community.